En gaj-it necesitaban algo de tráfico y han dado un poco de caña a Apple. No lo han conseguido, sólo 7 comentarios.  Y es normal, no es demasiado interesante, salvo por el trato de Apple a sus desarrolladores (y ellos –los desarrolladores– sabrán a qué juegan y con quién).


Puedo estar de acuerdo con esto:

This achievement is in no small part down to the impressive product family that it has created which encourages the purchase of add-ons and accessories. It’s a smart move creating devices that all work together so well. If you have an Apple desktop and a Powerbook Pro then surely it makes perfect sense to get an iPhone too. But then Apple charge these very same customers £58 a year to synchronise data between the devices using the MobileMe service.

El ecosistema Apple es una maravilla, pero tiene un sobrecoste. También es cierto quep uedes decidir jugar a ello o no.


Por otra parte me parece insultante, o simplemente mentira, este otro párrafo a continuación del anterior:

It’s a similar story with peripherals, upgrades and repair costs too. Apple is well known for using proprietary connections and including “hidden” hardware functionality to be unlocked at a date of its choosing. Seemingly though these things are acceptable to consumers as the sheer popularity of the Apple products is testament to, but we’re a little disheartened that Apple are choosing to squeeze every last penny out of its most loyal supporters.


¿Conexiones propietarias? Tampoco es eso… creo yo.